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Student Conduct Hearings

The student conduct hearing process at both local universities is not dependent on the outcome of any criminal proceeding in court. In fact, conduct review hearings are often scheduled and resolved more quickly than criminal trials.  To avoid accidentally harming your defense in the parallel court proceeding, you should contact counsel immediately to discuss how to protect yourself and how to prepare for your hearing.

Students and their families often fail to understand that having counsel to prepare and advise the accused during conduct reviews is just as important as having an attorney represent and advise you at trial.  Students who fail to prepare for these hearings may be at a disadvantage, and they may fail to understand that the process, the standard of proof, and the manner of presenting evidence or even asking questions of witnesses is entirely different than hearings in courts of the Commonwealth.

John has over 15 years of experience helping students and their families navigate their way through conduct review preparation and hearings, including alcohol- and drug-related charges, and Title IX hearings involving charges of sexual assault.

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Early preparation is key, since the time to prepare is often limited.  Contact John for a consultation if you have been charged with a violation of your code of student conduct, immediately.  Call me today at 540-739-7316 or contact me online to schedule a consultation. With offices conveniently located in Blacksburg, Virginia, I stand ready to represent you.

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